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Billy Sparkle - Testimonial by Jim Kevany
Billy Sparkle - Testimonial by Scott J. Silbert
Billy Sparkle - Testimonial by Laura Kellett

Jim Kevany

"Since working with Billy we have doubled our sales in 15 months!  

By being a great listener, Billy is a valuable sounding board to any company or business owner. He provides the tools to assist you in approaching, and resolving different 

business hurdles. He is an asset that appreciates!!!"

 Scott J. Silbert

Since June 2014 when we started our coaching relationship, I have made incredible strides in the writing of my book - a dream I had that dates back to 2007. Billy has helped me put structures in place that have me in action versus thinking about my book. In addition,

I have had  breakthroughs in

the area of my weight, my health & well-being, and in my relationship with my wife and children – all as a result of working with Billy. I highly recommend Billy to anyone who is interested in opening up their lives and accomplishing their dreams.”

Laura J. Kellett

“Billy Sparkle is an innovator.  He inspires, encourages, and holds me

to the highest of standards so I may fulfill MY DREAMS.

My business and personal life are transforming and unfolding in ways I had not imagined possible.

Billy Sparkle has an innate ability to enable one to live the life they were always meant to lead. 

Thank you Billy Sparkle!!”

Billy Sparkle - Testimonial by Ira Ketive
Billy Sparkle - Testimonial by Laurie Strickland
Billy Sparkle - Testimonial by A. Joshua Zimm

Ira Ketive

“I would like to take this time to

thank you in writing for a JOB

WELL DONE.  The combined

efforts of you and I have enabled

me to free myself and re-direct my entire work life.  I am totally

amazed (yet extremely happy) at

the level of success that I have experienced in only a few months.  The various levels of uncertainty -

and in some instances, frustration - have disappeared.  They have been replaced with a totally new view

and tools to operate with.

The process that you presented to

me was simple, reasonable, and fun.

If you are an extremely busy highly motivated, totally dedicated individual you owe it to yourself to have Mr. Sparkle coach you. Even the best, and I mean the best, have coaches in their corner!”

Laurie Strickland

"Coaching with Billy has changed

and transformed my life in every

way possible: body, mind and spirit. Like a great sculptor who can look

at a stone and see the sculpture

within it, he is a master at listening to the visions and dreams inside and helps to liberate them into realization. Coach Billy has worked with me to become all I am in both my business and my personal life. I am a world-renowned visionary artist who creates an enduring legacy of what is possible. I travel the world with my dream project/business he has helped me to discover and build from the ground up… and we have only just begun!"

A. Joshua Zimm

“As a facial plastic surgeon starting

a new practice in New York City,

I found myself treading water in a sea of indecision and uncertainty. I was fortunate enough to have been referred to Billy Sparkle by one of

my colleagues.  Billy’s coaching has allowed me to completely transform my personal and professional life.  

My practice has grown exponentially, and I have more clarity now than at any other point in my life.  For that, I’m eternally appreciative.  I look forward to a

long and fruitful relationship with

the world’s most effective personal coach!”

Billy Sparkle - Testimonial by A. Rappaport
Billy Sparkle - Testimonial by D. Rudick

Adam Rappaport

“In just 7 months working with

Billy Sparkle, I earned a $212,000 commission through one phone call that I would not have felt comfortable making without Billy's coaching.  Billy Sparkle coaching is an investment in myself that has increased my income as well as benefited my everyday life.”

Daniel Rudick

“Billy’s expertise helped define

what I am up to and eliminated all

the rest.  In my case running a

multi office dental practice profitably, enjoyably, and with passion.  All the ingredients for success had been

sitting in the practice.

Within a short time of working with Billy, he gave me ACCESS

to these ingredients like Keanu Reeves had access to the Matrix.

My relationship with my business has transformed into passion

and love; and the financial

impact is now limitless.

If you are sure you want something from life: Love, money, lifestyle, health… Ask yourself what you’re

willing to give up to get what you

wish for… then book Billy.”

Billy Sparkle - The World's Most Effective Personal Coach




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